iPhone 6 Release Date, Design, Specs and Price

Rumors about the iPhone 6 release date continue to fly, but Jeffries analyst Peter Misek has a proven track record when it comes to Apple predictions, so when he says he says Apple will launch the smartphone in June 2013 we should all take note and maybe even mark our calendars. According to Mac Rumors, Misek has released a new research report confirming once again that the iPhone 6 release date will arrive in June (or possibly July) of 2013. The tech industry analyst as refers to the upcoming device as the iPhone 5S, another possible name for the smartphone as Apple has yet to reveal what they will be calling it.

iPhone 6 Release Date

iPhone 6 Design

A designer at CiccareseDesign created the 3D mockup to show what he thinks the iPhone 6 could look like, and has published a gallery of images showing various angles and colours of the device. “It’s a possible iPhone 6 version, it is a remake from a test prototype description,” the designer explained.

The designer, who has published concept designs for various Apple products in the past including an Apple ‘iScreen’ and even a little device called an ‘iSiri’ that would allow users to control iOS devices via Siri without removing them from bags or pockets, notes that the next iPhone could run what he calls ‘iOSX’, an operating system that he thinks could fuse iOS and OS X together.

Apple has been closing the gap between iOS and OS X with its latest versions, adding iOS features like Notifications and Game Centre to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, and adding new functionality to iCloud.

iPhone 6 Release Date

Although iPhone 6 release date not yet fixed but it is expected that Apple will officially announce the date within next couple of month. Some online magazine reported that iPhone 6 may be launch in the middle of 2013.

If iPhone 6 really get release within this year then it will fed up those people who likely to buy iPhone 5 around the time. Because iPhone lovers are always been looking to see new features and latest technology. So Apple will must bring some new cool features and technology with so call iPhone release.

On the other hand Apple may wait until Samsung’s Galaxy S4 release as Apple may want to direct compete with Samsung.

Over all we can expect the latest smartphone from Apple very soon and hopefully iPhone 6 release date will be launched within Apple’s next Worldwide Developers Conference (short WWCD).

iPhone 6 Price

Apple has been very consistent on their pricing strategy. So, it can be assumed that the iPhone 6 price will be fairly cheap and will be around $199, $299, and $399 numbers. It may be vary from country to country according to TAX and others custom costs.

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