iPhone 6 Release Date is Expected in the Second Quarter of this Year

Apple has launched its iPhone 5 only a few months and already reports are emerging that it is going full blast ahead with the development of its next generation iPhone which has been tentatively named as iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 release date and iOS 7 release date is expected to be somewhere in the second quarter of this year.

iphone 6 release date

Logs for the Developer App usage has revealed that Apple has launched the testing of its next generation smartphones and operating system. However skeptics are saying that it is too early to talk about iPhone 6 since Apple is facing difficult times and its shares have been falling in value and would surely like to consolidate its existing products before spreading its wings and plan for future devices.

The source of this scoop happens to be Multiple Developers involved with Apple apps who have revealed that they can see references pertaining to iPhone 6.1 and also iOS 7 in their app data usage logs.

App data usage logs helps to pin point the devices and the Operating System which are using the developer’s apps.

The IP addresses which are showing up on the usage logs happen to from addresses which are located in Cupertino California. This adds credence to the reports that there is something going on in the development of the iPhone 6 and the iOS 7. The coming days will be crucial especially at the CRS 2013 event when the clouds of uncertainty will be cleared. We will be closely following this new development and therefore keep connected to this spot.